Analysis Software

My analysis programs will be available here, they are designed to work with RSpec software ( but should work with any software that outputs line spectra in two column data format.

The document below titled “Stellar Temperature” contains installation tips and a tutorial for using my software to calculate stellar temperatures:-

Whilst the document titled “Analysing AlbireoB” is a tutorial on analysing high resolution spectra using  AlbireoB as an example (see Astrospectroscopy\Projects page).

Finally the zip file below contains my software, it has been extensively updated (7th July 2020) so don’t use it on part processed data from earlier versions “start from square 1”.  It is compiled for Windows 10 and is accompanied by a set of input files to practice on. It also now includes the launcher program SpectraTom.exe (kindly provided by Tom Field the author of RSpec) that can be used instead of Spectra.exe. SpectraTom allows spaces to be included in folder and file names and keeps a list of previously used files. Though I need  to ask him if he could remove the “Run Photosphere program” button as this program no-longer exists as the functionality has been included in the Profile program.

In order to run the included executables you may need to “right click” on the downloaded zip file, select properties then click the unblock button at the bottom of the General tab. My computer is protected by up-to-date McAfee antivirus software so I believe I am “clean”.