I have been studying the high resolution line profiles (2400 l/mm grating) from a number of stars and my results are posted here. In this group of projects I am seeking to deduce simple, plausible stellar properties that cause the observed spectral line profiles to be as they are or at least as I measure them.

I am in the process of updating the following reports in the light of modifications to my analysis method:-

AlbireoB AlbireoB2 Deneb VegaSirius Altair Sulaphat

These are the reports that have been modified:-

(currently none!)

The reports above represent my current state of understanding (or misunderstanding!) and they may be modified over time, comments would be appreciated (I can be contacted via the RSpec yahoo user group).

The studies were conducted using a set of programs I have produced that model a star  as a uniformly emitting oblate spheroid  with a photosphere that is a single layer in thermal equilibrium. I have recently modified my analysis and modelling results are now much closer to measured spectra.